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PETERMANN-TECHNIK’s cornerstones are support, delivery, quality, reliability and cost reduction. We invite all our customers to benefit from our performance enabling them to develop securely working end-products by using our high quality and extremely long-life frequency controlled products. Draw your possibilities and savings potentials.

For 27 years, the company name PETERMANN-TECHNIK stands for product quality, performance and sustainability. We provide multiple, very cost-effective solutions from one single source - starting with our highest quality products featuring extended lifetime through qualified engineering services to our worldwide logistic concepts.

We have acquired great expertise in development, production and sales of frequency control products (FCP). Applying our longtime experience we minimise end-system design while shortening time to market. Combined with our deep technical services (design-in, simulation, tests and verification) we resolve customer’s problems urgently by offering the right solution. You can trust our experience of reliable, high quality supplier who is dedicated to delivering the most innovative frequency control components.

With every single product and necessary service, we make the biggest difference between failure and success. Because it is our primary goal to supply competitive products featuring the highest performance and the greatest reliability to our customers facilitated by cooperative and responsive partnerships.




PETERMANN-TECHNIK strives for maximum product quality, reliability, flexibility and customer satisfaction with every single product and service. As an innovative supplier in a dynamic electronic environment, we concentrate on being a reliable, strategic partner for our customers. With our extensive range of products and solutions, uncompromising quality and superb value for money, we enable engineers to realize their ideas into applications that meet the future opportunities.




  • Extremely competitive prices enabling identification and realisation of cost reduction potentials
  • High quality and extremely reliable frequency control products (FCP) guaranteeing the design of securely working applications
  • Long-term product availability contributing to the long-term success of your series production
  • Dynamic in-house engineering reducing new product development cycles and accelerating time-to-market
  • Short lead times ensuring timely completion of production schedules
  • Very comprehensive product range guaranteeing a right selection of customised or standard product solutions
  • Worldwide logistics solutions facilitating concentration on core activities and meeting the most difficult production deadlines
  • Customer-oriented specialists providing customised, reliable and efficient consulting



If you require quartzes, quartz crystals or oscillators, then choose PETERMANN-TECHNIK. Low-cost products, top quality combined with highly comprehensive design-in solutions.

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Quartz Crystal SMD3225 12.0 - 80.0 MHz

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