CRAFTED FOR EXCELLENCE! The fusion of innovative, groundbreaking technology with excellent quality and performance is the basis of our outstanding components. We refer, among other things, to our unique LRT-crystals, whose resonator designs are based on over 34 patents. As the only provider worldwide, we can supply ultrasonic welding resistant SMD quartzes of the SMD03025/4US series (MHz quartz in 3.2x2.5mm/4pad ceramic housing).

It's all about you! Our customers. Your safety, your flexibility, your performance. Our customers rate us as a very cost-effective supplier, as a very reliable partner with products of excellent quality and performance. Develop, manufacture, and distribute secure end products using our excellent quartz and oscillator technology. Benefit from our over 27 years of expertise. From long-term available products from the currently most extensive product range, coupled with a very comprehensive and highly effective design-in service. Very fast and target-oriented support for the respective development engineers in the design of your applications, our series production support, our short delivery times, very stable supply, and our support in all areas. We listen to you to quickly and easily meet your needs. Our customers come to us because they want a professional solution: tailored to their specific requirements. Fast, reliable, durable, cost-effective, and available at short delivery time. This is what we offer as the specialist for frequency controlled components combined with very good advice from our experts and our in-house engineering.

Our corporate culture is based on the cornerstones: support, innovation, supply, quality, sustainability, and cost reduction. Customers who benefit from our expertise can quickly and easily generate extremely secure functioning applications with excellent longevity using our frequency controlled components. Only crystal blanks from our own production are used for the production of our quartz crystals and oscillators, which have been developed using our LOW ESR DESIGN for very fast and very safe start-up behavior. This way, we have everything under our own quality control. From the quartz raw material to the 100% tested oscillating quartz or oscillator. Total Quality Control, coupled with excellent product performance and longevity, economically.

PETERMANN-TECHNIK GmbH - YOUR clocking expert since 1996. Driven by technology, top quality, and security of supply. Empowering your products - welcome to performance!

PETERMANN-TECHNIK serves all application segments – including automotive – in which innovative frequency control components with excellent performance and outstanding quality at low costs are required. We offer frequency control products such as SMD and THT quartz crystals in the 1.8432 MHz – 200 MHz frequency range. Our “quartz crystals” product range is complemented by 32.768 kHz solutions in a wide variety of housings and with frequency tolerances starting at ±10ppm. Of course, 4pF or low-resistance 32.768 kHz quartz crystals are also available very quickly. Our supremely innovative “silicon oscillators” product range includes very affordable components with which one can generally replace quartz or MEMS oscillators. Low-power clock oscillators are available at short notice for all applications up to automotive versions of the LPO-AUT or WTLPO-AUT series pursuant to AECQ100. Of course, we also offer differential oscillators with 0.25ps typ. phase jitters or low-jitter clock oscillators of the UPO series. Are you looking for spread-spectrum or high-temperature oscillators? You will find these products in our product range in a wide variety of housings and accuracies. We also offer TCXOs and VC-TCXOs. For new developments, use the corresponding versions in the 2.5x2.0mm ceramic housing, as well as the voltage-controlled VCXO quartz oscillators. Our product range includes high-accuracy OCXOs as well as ultra-low-power MHz and kHz oscillators, which allow you to save up to 50% of your system energy. We can also provide ceramic resonators and much more. 

PETERMANN-TECHIK stands for quality and innovation. With us, you receive everything from one source. From qualified design-in service from our in-house engineering department to supremely innovative products with excellent, consistent quality and performance. Take advantage of the expertise of highly experienced specialists, who give you well-founded product selection advice focused on your individual requirements and standards. Furthermore, we see ourselves as an innovative partner company for our customers specialised in the clocking field, with the objective of providing optimal support for the customer with a fast time to market. As such, we are always aiming to develop competitive and value advantages over our competitors in order to secure these for our customers. Maximum customer satisfaction is a focus of all our operational activities and actions. You can choose from what is currently the widest and deepest product range for frequency-generating components such as oscillating quartz crystals, quartz and silicon oscillators and benefit from our highly comprehensive technical support.

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Quartz Crystal SMD3225 12.0 - 80.0 MHz

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